Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Portland MI

From spot cleaning to deep duty and from dirty entry runners to delicate Persian rugs, when it comes to rug cleaning expertise, make the call to Maurer’s. For handling and dealing with oriental and throw rug cleaning in Lansing, MI, you simply won’t find a higher quality cleaning for a better value. The rug cleaning service offered by Maurer’s can also include binding and fringe repair when necessary.

While rugs are typically cleaned at the Maurer’s Carpet & Blind Cleaners facility, special arrangements can be made to meet your needs upon request, including pick-up and delivery for a small fee, adding an unrivaled level of convenience to their already excellent rug, cushion, and blind cleaning services.

Call Maurer’s Carpet & Blind Cleaners today to answer all your rug cleaning questions, receive a price quote, or schedule a pickup for oriental and throw rug cleaning in Portland, MI. You’ll see the difference a Maurer’s clean makes!