Professional Cleaning Services

Dirty carpets and blinds not only affect the way your home looks, but it can change the way you and your guests breathe and live. When carpets and blinds are not clean, they can trap allergens and bad smells. The Maurer’s Carpets experts can clean any carpeting or blinds in Lansing, MI to protect your family and get your home looking great.

The Maurer’s carpet cleaners approach each home with care and precision. They use a unique technique that can keep your carpets clean longer than ordinary carpet cleaning methods. This hot-water extraction method uses a distinct cleaning solution that does not require water from your home, and it also does not leave any residue or smell in the carpet. When the area is treated and cleaned, you are left with nothing more than a fresh-smelling home.

Many Lansing residents have been happy to invite us into their home year after year to refresh their carpets and blinds. Whether they are preparing for company or just looking to get their home a little cleaner, our carpet cleaners leave every customer with a beautiful, clean home.