Blinds for Sale

Though it tends to be an overlooked aspect of the home, the blinds you choose to adorn your windows can say a lot about you and your home’s personalities. For relatively little effort and cost, you can bring a subtle sense of style, color, and warmth to the room you place blinds in – whether it’s bringing a splash of texture to a fully decorated room or giving some texture to an otherwise bare wall, blinds are an important part of any windowed room.

Located in Lansing, Michigan, Maurer’s Carpet and Blind Cleaners offers several different types of blinds to our customers. Hunter Douglas Silhouette and vertical blinds are for sale. These blinds are a perfect addition to any home; unlike plastic blinds, these fabric blinds are much more sturdy, durable, and attractive, making the space they reside in all the more beautiful. Just by adding a set of blinds to a room – or your whole home – you can create a more vibrant feel to your home.

We want to give our customers the best quality of blinds possible! Check out the images of the blinds we have to offer, and if you like what you see, come visit us in our store to purchase!